The Green Light Trigger GLT 2.0 is the 2019 comprehensive redesign of the device and the science behind our two proprietary patents - 7,330,132 B1 and 7,026,955 B2 - for "activating an inductance loop vehicle detector ... [wherein] A reaction between the magnet and induction loop causes the inductance loop vehicle detector to register the presence of a vehicle." 

The GLT 2.0 is three times more powerful than the Version 1.0 and includes additional attachment functionality allowing it to be affixed to both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic motorcycle, bicycle, and scooter frames.  It can also be affixed to small cars that although possessing a much greater structural mass than two-wheeled vehicles, are still not a large enough "presence" at intersections to trigger the loop detectors embedded in the road surface.

In short, the GLT 2.0, turns red lights into green ones.  And we're the only company in America with the intellectual property rights to produce these devices.

Choose life on a green light!