Instructional Steps for Attachment and Operation:


Step 1:

Attach the Green Light Trigger GLT 2.0 (GLT) to the undercarriage of the motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter frame to a ferromagnetic metal (that attracts magnets) with the thin magnet facing up and the thick magnet facing down to the pavement. The GLT’s magnetic properties are powerful enough to keep it stuck to the bike on all ferromagnetic metals.

Step 2:

If your bike has no ferromagnetic metals to attract the thin magnet, simply find a place to secure it to the frame using the included ziptie.  The ziptie simply threads through the slots on the sides of the GLT.  Thread it through and around the bike frame and zip it tight.  Ensure the thick magnet remains facing down to the pavement.

Step 3:

Ensure the bike is centered in the traffic lane at the traffic light, when stopped.

Step 4:

 The GLT naturally emits its magnetic properties into the pavement.

Step 5:

The traffic light sensor in the pavement detects the magnetic signals from the GLT – alerting it that a vehicle is present and needs to pass.

Step 6:

The traffic light sensor sends a signal to the traffic light telling it it needs to turn from red to green.

Step 7:

The light turns green and the bike passes through the intersection.