Lawrence K. - Memphis, Tennessee:
"Been riding bikes since I was 17 and probably ran a thousand red lights because I really had no option other than to spend the rest of my life waiting for a bigger vehicle to magically appear to trigger the traffic light sensor.  I can't believe that for less than $30, I'm suddenly recognized at stop lights.  Life changer!  Thank you!!!"



Maxim T. - Portland, Oregon
"We're bike-crazed in Portland, but there is a contentious relationship, at times, between riders and the vehicles.  Traffic light issues are a big reason why.  I used to have so much apprehension when it came to dealing with intersections and the fact that my road bike simply would never register with the traffic light sensors.  Grateful!"



Jessica O. - San Francisco, California
"Thank you Green Light Triggers for making green lights happen for me and my little scooter in San Fran!  :)"