Green Light Triggers LLC was formed in 2018 after acquiring the intellectual property rights (Patents: 7,330,132 B1 and 7,026,955 B2) from the original manufacturer of what we refer to as the GLT Version 1.0.  

After acquisition, a comprehensive re-design was embarked on aiming to fix some functionality issues with regards to design and to effectiveness.  After a re-tooling and re-design, the New GLT 2.0 was put into production.  This new design is three times as powerful, and exponentially more functional.

Green Light Triggers LLC is based in beautiful, West Linn, Oregon, on the southern edge of Portland.

We look forward to serving all of our great new customers and are committed to doing one thing (well, two things):

  1. Making customers very, very happy, and;
  2. Making green lights happen!

Please see our Contact Us and Wholesale Info pages for more information on Green Light Triggers and the New GLT 2.0!