Ever roll up to an intersection with a traffic signal with the light stuck at red, in perpetuity because no other full size car or trucks are sharing the intersection, with you, to trigger the inductive loop embedded in the pavement to make that red light turn green?  What are you to do?

It's been reported that 57% of bicycle riders end up jumping the light and illegally and dangerously racing through intersection to solve the problem.  This risky practice is dangerous to rider and other vehicles, alike.  But especially the bike rider.  The Green Light Trigger is your practical solution to this maddening problem.

The Answer:

The patented* Green Light Trigger GLT 2.0 employs the use of two powerful neodymium magnets and a custom-designed low-profile plastic injection molded chassis that legally turn red traffic lights into green ones.

The GLT 2.0 accomplishes this by creating eddy currents in the inductive-loop traffic detectors embedded within the pavement at most traffic light signals which, in turn, then "trigger" the detectors, sending a signal to the traffic light to turn from red to green. 

Full size trucks and cars already possess a large enough metal mass to disrupt the detector's magnet field, naturally, when these bigger vehicles stop either near or directly over the sensors while waiting at red lights.  Smaller vehicles, however, lack the structural mass to accomplish the same triggering process. 

The GLT 2.0 compensates for this deficiency by cost-effectively and efficiently "enlarging" their presence at traffic signals - and now red lights are triggered to turn green as if they were the same full size vehicles.  No more endless waiting at stop lights or dangerous user-fixers - like running red lights.

*Patents: 7,330,132 B1 and 7,026,955 B2

Attachment to Vehicle:

Option 1:

The GLT 2.0 employs two neodymium magnets with extremely strong magnetic properties and quickly and easily affixes to all ferromagnetic metals on vehicles such as iron or its alloy, steel (metals that "attract" magnets). 

Option 2:

For vehicles lacking these metals, such as a bicycle with a non-ferromagnetic titanium frame (which will not attract magnets), the GLT 2.0 simply attaches to those frames with an included 12" ziptie - that simply threads through the side of the chassis and over the frame before snugly locking itself to the bike or other vehicle, whatever the case may be.